The Tori Amos Cartoons began as simple drawings inspired by Tori Amos songs and shared with other Toriphiles through various fan forums and meet and greets. Since then they have picked up in popularity and demand.

The prints have been featured in various exhibits and benefits including the 2004 Tori Amos Tribute Show. And even made available as a t-shirt series. All proceeds have gone to R.A.I.N.N.

These prints all begin with original pencil sketches which are then scanned, lighted, inked, coloured and then pieced together in Adobe Photoshop. They are printed on 8.5 x 11 high quality archival paper. The archival paper is used to preserve the quality of your print for many years to come. Each limited edition print is signed and numbered. The Beekeeper series will be the first edition printed in full color.

I accept payment through Paypal or US money order. If your thinking of ordering more than one or would like to mix and match prints e-mail me for discount details.

Strange Little Girls
Scarlet's Walk
The Beekeeper

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