About the Artist

Paul Elia is a graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design where he studied Drawing and Painting and Integrated Media. He has exhibited work in various notable Toronto and Hamilton galleries.

In 2000, Paul created Wrecovery, a five issue comic book series following the adventures of five very different people with addictions to a strange new drug disguised as a popular game. It was independantly published and distributed in local comic shops and online.

The Tori Amos Cartoons began as simple drawings inspired by Tori Amos songs and shared with other Toriphiles through various fan forums and meet and greets. Since then they have picked up in popularity and demand. The prints have been featured in various exhibits and benefits including the 2004 Tori Amos Tribute Show. And even made available as a t-shirt series. All proceeds from the Benefit shows have gone to R.A.I.N.N.

Paul has worked closely with Toronto filmmaker Judith Doyle. Together they formed Reading Pictures, an innovative multi-media organization providing consultation and production services for artists and non-profit organizations. More recently Paul is working with emminent Toronto artist Ben Woolfitt doing graphic design and marketing.

On top of working on a string of comic book series' with Resistance Comics Paul has also been revisiting the old issues of Wrecovery and getting them ready for an all new edition. The story is written as 5 50 page issues (the first 2 issues will follow the original series closely). I am starting to story board now. Look for this soon!

In 2007 Paul moved back to his hometown of Hamilton and started the Hamilton Strip series. The series is inspired by the city's surreal tension between the imposing industrial shells from a manufacturing history vs. the residential family homes built around it.

You can contact Paul at paulsquared@wrecovery.com
CV available upon request

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