I was having a conversation with my little brother and he said to me that he doesn't remember me existing until a few years ago. He knows that I was there at the dinner table, or hiding in my basement bedroom, but he doesn't remember ever having spoken to me or interacting with me until a few years ago. I thought that was strange because I don't remember me existing until a few years ago either. I know that I was there. I kind of remember sitting at the dinner table, and hanging out in my basement bedroom. But I don't feel connected to any of the thoughts or conversations that I had then. I don't remember any of it. But I feel a pang of humiliation for the all the different boys that I have been whenever i think of them, as little as I remember them. They must have embarrassed me. So I forgot them. So elephants came along and each took with them one of those forgotten boys and decided to carry the burden of them for me. These thirty elephants are 3'x 4.5', they were made over the span of this year. They are sculpted in polymer clay, baked in an oven and then painted.

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