in the desert  


My volcano advocates my slow descent into jello How quickly I forget where I come from I am financially dependant on my volcano I am everything dependant on my volcano How I feel today depends on how he feels today People talk about losing themselves in a relationship Well myself got up and left the planet You can only block the mouth of the volcano for so long I know, I've been there for the eruption A funny thing happenend on the way to work I just said no, we chuckle, because we both know better My volcano sleeps with his arms tight around me keeping the trash on the tracks No one can visit my landscape anymore but him Sometimes I send postcards I kill good things, I expect everyone to lend a hand I just keep complaining about the volcanic activity Just move out of the way already Volcanos get jealous they spot my miseucation He saw the shit under the toilet He thinks we're so close, but honestly, i never stop lying to him Don't listen to me, even now i'm waiting for the call tornado / volcano / glacier / earthquake / fire
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tornado went that way 2 weeks in the desert
grandma mary
the wood shack
tornado went that way