in the desert  


My tornado wants sex all the time They think sex can fill a void when nothing else will work He likes it when you talk dirty He likes it when you fuck him hard My tornado gets so mad while I try hard to not be awake My tornado wants to be raped, violated, taken advantage of He wants you to spit on him while he tears my foundation apart No means yes or that I hate you If I'm weaving at sunrise, he doesn't care He gets what he wants, pins me down, does what he wants When he's done it's straight to the bathroom to clean up And that's why he's had scum Tornado's are not sincere and fake it better than you think Chasing my tornado will take forever So let's just drive the opposite direction like everyone else In most situtions, I'm told it's me If you didn't like my shoulders why didn't you just go Tornados do hit big cities, wherever Air Canada will take him It may start with golf ball size hail, but I never saw it coming It's true he can lift a house That's really nothing though, he can lift 50 houses tornado / volcano / glacier / earthquake / fire
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tornado went that way 2 weeks in the desert
grandma mary
the wood shack
tornado went that way