in the sandstorm    
it usually happens at a bar. he came up to me and asked me if he could lick my chest. nothing kinky, just a lick. i said sure, what harm could it do he said i tasted like jello and that was funny because i was jello, on the kitchen floor, of all places. he told me to lick his chest and of coarse he tasted like a rock strong and dependable, oh, and very very hard. but maybe just on the outside. cuz' the years have been stripping his beauty. and he was actually willing to give me a shot. and i thought chances like that don't come around every day. how much it meant to me. and how much i wanted to please him. the way his nose sort of srunched up when i made him cry. it was close to christmas, and i could not stay and all i wanted to do was call my mom. but i had to lie to her, tell her the flight was cancelled <--back



  licking my chest tornado went that way tornado went that way
grandma mary
the wood shack
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