grandma mary
  in the rearview mirror    
bottle it up just like grandma mary did. we used to sit around for hours cold and calculated. i think i picked up more from her than i could ever imagine. so , i sit back in the tire fire. and i don't think about those old times. who has the time. if i'm fat it's all your fault i thought you had never seen me with my shirt off i'm tooo tired to play your way, how did you ever keep it up for s o long why were you so afraid of cats was it that he might make you smile? was he watching you every time you put on your make-up. torn between the west and the east and i chose you and together we scared everyone out o f oz i wonder why she wants to name her doll that... did you know that i knew that. but you went too far you cant order anymore precious dolls <--back



  me and me and me and me in a tire fire tornado went that way 2 weeks in the desert
tornado went that way
the wood shack
caught on video