in the desert  


As I was saying, I'm at the foot of my glacier holding it up so hard but glaciers are always saying you push away the one you love you rock the boat because you know it sinks anyway He was the first to eat my fruit and I was too busy being grateful I never realized he didn't deserve it I'm searching for a place my demons wont go On my knees wondering why I gave it all away Is it because I needed to do some travelling? Even all the way down here It's not enough when you're taking you as far as you can go There's a glamour in swimming in my glaciers misery He says I led him down a garden path But I need a fight right now If you think I'll give you Birthday Bear your wrong He's running along side my bus again The Dufferin Bus - Never been so far west How did I pass this sort of time then? I've really lost touch with the things I should have gave a call Now everyone knows about you tornado / volcano / glacier / earthquake / fire
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tornado went that way 2 weeks in the desert
grandma mary
the wood shack
tornado went that way