in the desert  


My fire gets really mad It gets hot in these parts Fire throws psychotic fits He's prepared to waste your puny ass with the biggest blaze You see, fire screams at me whn he's mad I must get the fuck out of the car Sometimes I'm stealing the vines and getting caught Sometimes I lose the gymbag And fire races through London tube with fury and my destruction burning in his eyes I'm not able to leave breadcrumbs to find my way back home Fire vacuum's 10 times a day It's really not avoidable because nothing we do for eachother is good enough for eachother When flames are licking your inner thighs do you know how to react It gets so loud you can't hear poor little me screaming for help It's true that you can catch me sitting in it I don't budge even when i'm charred black I have learned to take it I have learned that this is what i get I've kind of tricked people into thinking I know what's good for me I have tried to run, but I get burned everytime Who is setting the fire who wantes to destroy the place where we lived They are innocent I am starting it Some are watching me do it, and they keep quiet My fire tells me how fucked up I am At lunch he says, Paul Just because you've been fucked up and unloved doesn't mean you can't be happy now as we are together He says he knows I need him he knows thise kind of things Fire is never going to leave me along He said so How am I supposed to tell the hottest flame that I want him to please please leave me alone you just dont tornado / volcano / glacier / earthquake / fire
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tornado went that way 2 weeks in the desert
grandma mary
the wood shack
tornado went that way