in the desert  


Letting an earthquake pay for dinner is not always a good idea Sure, the sauce hit the spot but he was way off My earthquake likes the movies and occassionally he'll leave without me but that's ok because I'm busy trying not to move The whole cycle is complete in 2 hours It's learned to wrap around real well now I've had 400 honeymoons I thought I had stopped sleeping in filth When I was sleeping in filth Grandma thinks she knows But she never saw me with my shirt off I thought I could teach you all to be as nice as I am I was hoping you would come by and tell me why it's worth it My earthquake never could He has a mortgage and RSP's Not a fuck and run - A drive by marraige I didn't know the car was going so fast until we passed a flag I know I said way too much and that most of it wasn't true So how was my earthquake supposed to act Now I'm not allowed to see my family again My earthquake wants to take a bath and probably will be there for the next 2 weeks but I've got better things to do How many shrinks and pills will it take to get to the top? If it's so bad why is San Francisco so populated am I the only one who moved away? Ever now and then i still find the dirty dishcloth and I hide it My earthquake taught me so well I have nailed the things he drilled If only Brandon would call then things could get better why didn't I hear that guy last night Then i wouldn't have had to wash your back I need to moisturize, my lips are so dry tornado / volcano / glacier / earthquake / fire
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tornado went that way 2 weeks in the desert
grandma mary
the wood shack
tornado went that way